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The Healer, published.the healer
Young Riennes de Montford looks down at the robber with an arrow in his throat and sees a youth who will die soon if something is not done. He instructs Haralde, his traveling companion, to start a fire and orders Monk Godfroi to hold a flaming torch over the bandit. Then with delicate surgical instruments, he cuts into the body to the disbelief of the monk whose best medical practice amounts to bleeding and potions. Such is one scene in The Healer, a medieval adventure in 1067 England.

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knight_haraldeKnight Haralde, published.
The Norman soldier hacks at Haralde, his heavier iron broadsword clanging against Haralde’s lighter curved kandos of Eastern design. The veteran soldier slowly bangs away, feeling he has the young Welshman. Then Haralde, feigning exhaustion, changes the tempo, takes control of even the time and rhythm of the fight and dances inside the soldier’s reach with his deadlier, superior Chinese steel blade. Within minutes, the soldier is on the ground, his face cut and bleeding. Thus is the result of such an East versus West fight scene in Knight Haralde.

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